Sometimes you may not have a suitable door. A WALL FIT may be your only option.

Larger Sureflap PETDOOR supplied and fitted £380 all inc, This is the largest flap that I will put into a wall. I DO NOT FIT DOGFLAPS INTO WALLS. 


Standard SUREFLAP supplied and fitted £280 all inc ( dual scan in picture + £30 )




To get a quick quote for installing a Catflap,  text, Whats App or email me your postcode together with a short description as to where the flap is to be fitted,  ex: B44 0XX into raised design UPVC door panel ;  NG2 2XX Steel Skin Composite Door ; CV37 8XX change Double Glazing for flat white UPVC panel; DE11 0XX wall fit.  

A picture really helps and 'Whats App' makes sending pics easy.

Other information that helps are the number of cats you have and the weight of the largest cat. 

You will receive a quote generally within 24 hours.  Text, Whats App or phone ALAN on 07763 465499 or email  

My nephew now fits catflaps, so it may not be me in person that does the work

Advice is FREE. I will always give FREE advice to allow your cat or cats to gain freedom of access. 

Petsafe 300 supplied & fitted in a FLAT panel £80, RAISED panel £100. 

Sureflap supplied and fitted into a FLAT panel £130. RAISED design £150

GRP Composite Door £160, Steel Skinned Door ( check with magnet ) £190.

PRICES ALL INCLUSIVE BUT DEPENDANT UPON POSTCODE ( additional mileage is kept to a minimum )