To allow your own cat or small dog to come and go freely, a microchip cat flap really is the answer - no collar and discretionary access !

You obviously have to have your pet microchipped.  This costs around £15.00 at most vets.  SUREFLAP is the recommended brand as they are easy to fit, totally reliable and work! A Sureflap Cat flap is a daily confirmation that your pet's microchip is still fully functional.

BIG CATS - Surepetcare now supply a PET DOOR designed for those larger pets over 6KG.  The opening size is 178mm x 170mm as against 142mm x 120mm for the standard flap.  If you want me to fit a Petdoor look at the details I need on Page 5.

DOG DOORS  - A Standard Petsafe Dogmate will accommodate most dogs.    A more robust flap is The Plexidor.   These are NON Microchip flaps.

New on the market for larger dogs there is the Petsafe Electronic Smartdoor. Your dog has to wear a collar with a tag, but only the tagged dog can get in.


 Dog Flaps fitted - fitting only from £120


 New Products  -  Extreme Weather Petdoor - above

TIMER CONTROLLED CATFLAP  - non microhip flap. Inexpensive option if you only want to control access times ( set a curfew ). Example:- Supply and fit into a FLAT panel £110 with batteries.